My footprints


You may not see my footprints,
For I’m no longer there,
I’m soaring with the angels,
And dancing in the air,

My body was a vessel,
Until my spirit was freed,
I heard GOD’s mighty voice say,
My children come to me,

And so I raised my hand,
To grasp his vibrant gown,
And as I left the earth,
I saw his golden crown,

I felt a blanket of peace,
And saw a Glorious light,
Then Love was all around me,
It was a beautiful sight,

I know you cannot see me,
You think that I am gone,
But with the grace of GOD,
A victory has been won,

For I am safe with Jesus,
His life he gave for me,
And I did gladly meet him,
Someday you too will see,

For now you must keep moving,
The sadness will subside,
Each day fulfill your purpose,
I’m watching you with pride,

Do not hold onto grudges
Let forgiveness rule the day,
Bring happiness to others,
And take the time to pray,

For GOD someday will call you,
To join us here at home,
You’ll get to meet the angels,
And see GOD’s golden throne,

And when I see you coming,
I will not hesitate,
To welcome you to heaven,
And hold open the pearly gates.



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