There are times when my mind is filled with memories of yesterday,
I want to go back to the innocent times,

Before the tragedies and heartbreaks,
To a time when life was simple,
People were kinder,

I close my eyes and I can imagine myself there,
I feel the warm breeze and sunshine on my face,
I taste the sweetness of fresh air,
As I swing slowly in my childhood swing,
Back and forth,

I am the feather slowly floating in the air,
Calmly drifting, weightless, careless,
No longer a physical being,
I have become a spiritual entity,
No longer bound by the weight of the world,

I am a beautiful secret,
Silent and unknown,
Invisible to the world,
A whisper in the wind,
A mystery to be solved,

This is where I find peace and tranquility,
My temporary escape from the afflictions of the world,
A time to seek clarification and meaning,
A journey through time and understanding,
With new beginnings and no end,

My mind is clear as untouched glass,
The sounds of my surroundings,
Drowned out,
By the beating of my heart,
Each breath is a reminder of my existence,

I want to linger here forever,
Precious serenity enfolds me,
Warmth fills my soul,
Heaven must be near,
Much too soon, my conscious wakes me,

Slowly, reluctantly, I am drawn back,
Hesitating, I make my return journey,
Through peaceful memories, I pass,
Downward sliding,
Through the rapids of time,
Go I,

Back to the ravages of daily life,
My body shudders in an effort of resistance,

I arrive unscathed,
To the realities of life,
But I am at peace,
Ready to experience another day.



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