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Month: April 2014


We all have burdens in our life, Some have more than others, We all have known a broken heart, Some they have not healed, We’ve all felt loneliness at one […]

I Do Not Walk Alone

I do not walk alone, For God is at my side, He helps me through the weeds of life, My path, it is not wide, At times the thorns do […]


Today is MERCY SUNDAY and God’ Mercy knows no bounds, Darkness comes to steal my light away, I am lured by the emptiness of it all, I start to dance […]

God’s Orchestra

Like a fine instrument, Held in a esteemed musicians hand, So must we be, Fine tuned, It is God’s command, Our first attempts at harmony, Will make us cry in […]

A Life is A Life

I am a little fetus, As once you were too, And If you don’t want me, At least, You have the right to choose, For I do not have a […]

Truth is a Mirror

Truth is a mirror, A vision of what we are, If we are to be true to ourselves, Then we must look inside our hearts, We must listen to our […]

Blue Star

This acrylic was done for my son, who is in a band called Blue Star.