A Life is A Life

I am a little fetus,
As once you were too,
And If you don’t want me,
At least,
You have the right to choose,

For I do not have a voice,
My life depends on you,
And if you don’t want me,
Then there is nothing,
I can do,

Even though,
our lives are separate,
And you can continue on,
If you choose death for me,
Your heart will know it’s wrong,
And even though I forgive you,
Your mind will never rest,
Because you chose,
death for me,
You thought it might be best,

If only I’d been given,
A chance to make a choice,
I’d choose to live my life as well,
And to be treated with respect,

I’d want the world to know,
That we are all made worthy,
It does not matter the stage of life,
Nor the circumstance,
Which we are created,

A life is a life,
And a death is a death,


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