Today is MERCY SUNDAY and God’ Mercy knows no bounds,

Darkness comes to steal
my light away,
I am lured by the emptiness of it all,
I start to dance to beat of
My body is not my own,
Deep into anguish and pain
I go,
I collide with hate and anger,
Drowning in self pity and disgust,
Where has my light gone?
Why didn’t I hold onto it?
I plunge further into the inferno,
Screaming in agony,
And writhing from
the scorching fire,
that licks my skin,
I must be bound for hell,
Then I hear a whisper,
So soft,
I almost thought I was dreaming,
It comes to me again,
I hear it clearly now,
No, I am not worthy,
I cry,
Shame fills me,
And my body convulses,
A memory fills my mind,
Innocence, love, laughter,
Long forgotten,
Awaken me now,
“Savior!” I cry out,
“Shine your light upon me,
For I have lost my way!”
Again I cry out,
“Forgive me”
I feel myself being lifted,
As out of the rubble,
Of a broken old building,
Slowly at first,
Then faster,
Light surrounds me,
And peace fills my senses,
I feel raindrops on my face,
And realize I am weeping
An angel is at my side,
And says,
“Come with me”


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