I Do Not Walk Alone

I do not walk alone,
For God is at my side,

He helps me through the weeds of life,
My path, it is not wide,

At times the thorns do stab me,
And gently he eases my pain,

And when a storm surrounds me,
He protects me from the rain,

I do not walk alone,
Therefore, I have no fear,

I gladly meet the challenges,
For my faith will persevere,

I know my God is with me,
The reminders all around,

From the rise of the morning sun,
Until the day is done,

I do not walk alone,
God wouldn’t have it that way,

He is my strength and tower,
He molds me out of clay,

At times, I do resist him,
Just like a rebel child,

But lovingly, he pulls me back,
Into his arms so mild,

You do not walk alone my friend,
For God is guiding your way,

Let go of all your sorrows,
And let him fill your day,

He will not lead you down the wrong path,
But will carry you through the stones,

And when the end is near,
You will not be alone



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