We all have burdens in our life,
Some have more than others,

We all have known a broken heart,
Some they have not healed,

We’ve all felt loneliness at one time,
Some of us, we feel it still,

Sometimes we suffer from despair,
It seems to take over our lives,
Thoughts of desperation,
Are never far behind,

But I have found a place to go,
when trouble times surround me,

A peaceful place where I can rest,
And let my worries leave me,

Jesus greets me at the door,
His arms, they are wide open,

And I as enter in his house,
His love and warmth enfold me,

Although, he does not speak a word,
His voice, it is resounding,

“Come rest your weary heart,
And give me all your sorrows,
I will refresh your soul,
And prepare you for tomorrow,”

When it is time for me to go,
And face the world we live in,
He offers me these final thoughts,
Which I truly believe in,

“My child, do not be afraid,
For I am always with you,
You need only speak my name,
And I will give you refuge”


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