Won’t you come,
to me now,
Like a long lost,

How I long
for your embrace,
A long night,
of sweet, sweet, slumber,

When I was,
young and foolish,
You did your best,
to please me,

But I wanted,
late nights,
And parties,
I clearly didn’t,
need thee,

I hope you’ll give me,
One more chance,
To tap my toes
To the,
Sandman dance,

For now,
I see the error of my ways,
In my dark,
and wrinkled eyes,

My bodies tired and,
my muscles scream,
You need to rest!
You need to dream!

I do not know,
What I will do,
If you insist,
On being cruel,

I promise not,
To stay out late,
Or put you off,
And make you wait,

In fact,
I’ll turn the tv off,
And play,
Your favorite lullaby song,

Just come back to me,
I’m begging please,

Come back to me,
My long lost sleep,


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