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Month: October 2014

Time for the dream

Laying back With a smile On my face I know the dream Is near My mind Overflows With images And my Heart dances With Anticipation Magnetized I am Drawn In […]

Heart Matters

Beating to a Beautiful Rhythm Propelling Life Throughout Blood and Oxygen Mix perfectly Nourishing And providing Wellness Disregarded By it’s Owner It is Unwittingly Sabotaged But It Wonderfully Beats Through […]

Humor Me

When I am old and gray Humor me Make me laugh Feel young again Just humor me A smile to ease The pain A way to chuckle Off the strain […]

The Earth

The earth in true beauty is without the scars of wars And the fumes of progress It mends and cleanses Rebels, in quakes and erupting volcanos Though we thoughtlessly Abuse […]