When sadness
turns into a rage
And justice fails
To assuage
Madness isn’t
Far behind

As opinions clash
And actions
become rash
Loses meaning

The hate will seep
As innocents weep
And madness
Is created

When the line
Gets Crossed
And peace
is lost
The flames
will burn
Cars overturned
And Madness soon
takes over

Blood is spilled
More spirits killed
And the good become
The evil

The devil smiles
All the while
As madness
Spreads like
Wild fire

The heavens mourn
And angels scorn
As evil begets evil

A mothers cry
An anguished sigh
As madness rules
Over reason

No justice is
In riotous verve
And even
the dead
Will turn

There is
No reprieve
From the hatred
and grief
When madness
Rules our world

Please give me
Your hand
My hearts
On my sleeve
Your hurting
The innocent

This madness
Must stop
Afore more

Why can’t
We just


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