I am a butterfly

Extending my wings 


Each experience new
And exciting 
Various colors mingle
And fresh new scents
Capture my imagination 
And tantalize my senses
Fascinated by
interlaced threads
I’ve never seen before
I become distracted
Piercing pain
Freezes my body
And fear grips me
I can do nothing
As eight creepy legs
Grab hold of me
And I am spun 
In the same sticky 
Thread that initially
Caught my eye
The spider works 
Intensely, and 
Incarcerated me
In his web
What did I do
To this creature
That he should 
Take my freedom?
There was a time
I surrendered 
To building my
Own cocoon
Perhaps this is a 
New Beginning 
And I will emerge 
More magnificent 
Than ever 

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