A good woman 
is hard to find
A good woman is one 
who knows her own mind
She is not just 
a pretty face
This woman exudes 
a simple timeless grace
Her self reliance
Won’t be denied 
And her humble 
Will leave you 
She works hard each day 
with no regrets
And every challenge 
Is promptly met
With omnipotent eyes
She exposes your truth
As layers of lies 
Come falling uncouth 
Deliberately you try 
To not give a damn
But with caring eyes
She offers her hand
She loves to love 
With all her might
To make others happy
Brings her delight
She draws you in 
With her sincere smile 
And keeps your attention
Because that’s her style
She is not perfect 
she will admit
And she can fall to pieces 
bit by bit
She is a good woman
Most people will swear
But to her uninterested husband 
She is merely just fair

6 Comments on “A GOOD WOMAN

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth. What a truly beautiful poem. Sadly, while my husband’s friends are so jealous of what he has, he clearly doesn’t see what he has. And it makes me wonder, how much more can I do? Thank you for writing what I couldn’t express.

  2. How ironic, a man not appreciating the gem he has. Great poem!

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