chapter 2
Hello! he bellowed
One sunny afternoon 
He startled me so
I began to swoon
In one smooth move
He caught my fall
With branches so big
They made me feel small
He gently set me on my feet
And with his branches 
formed a cozy little seat
It was then
I felt the earth shake
Oh no, I thought 
not an earth quake!
I heard a rumble
Start in his trunk
And out came laughter
Loud and full of spunk
He laughed so hard
The ground was shaking
The leaves he scattered
Would soon need raking
Now all this time 
I tried not to smile
But his infectious laughter
Took me to trial
Laughter I hadn’t heard 
for years
Was escaping my throat 
And filling my ears
And when the laughter
Had died down
Darkness had crept up 
all around 
Astonished, I jumped up 
And whispered kinda low
Look it’s gotten dark
and now  I must go!

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