Contemplating Life

Taper” target=”_blank”>Taper
She wondered why she was starting to lose hope. Always optimistic and lively, her light had burned bright. What had happened? How could her whole attitude change?

She never ran from challenges, but rather sought them out. The need to prove herself seemed to be embedded in her soul, but now?  Lately she had lost interest in fighting the quicksand that threatened to swallow her up.

Her imagination conjured up a beautiful red heart, full at the top only to taper down into a sharp point. Was this also reflective of her life?  Frowning, she contemplated the thought and then, it happened.

The sound was deafening. Screams and shouts followed the blast as a fireball nearly licked her face. Through blurred vision she saw people lying on the ground. She knew what she had to do, without hesitation ran towards the fire.


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