His Name is Jesus

You may have heard of him, his name is Jesus.  He was not born in a palace, more like a modest shelter surrounded by farm animals.  And yet, three kings were inspired to travel to his birth place in order to honor him.  But his birth also brought about great fear. King Herod was so threatened by his birth that he ordered the massacre of all male infants under the age of two.

As an obedient and loving child, he learned carpentry and worked with his father for several years. As a devoted son, and at the request of his mother he performed his first miracle. He was humble and loving to all he met. He did not judge others but accepted them with love and patience.  He taught them about God Our Father and encouraged them to do the same.  Often he was rejected and had to deal with those who were jealous and critical of him.  He experienced abuse, temptation, loss, and suffering, but maintained a loving presence.

The story of his life and death continues to be celebrated and revered today. He is a paragon of love.  If you would like to learn more about him, I highly recommend The Bible. He is also available through prayer and in the Sacament of the Eucharistic during Catholic Mass.

His Name is Jesus
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