Falling in Love

Are you giving your heart to a stranger tonight?

 Are you hoping for love?

 Will you abandon your sensibilities recklessly and unabashedly?

Falling in love can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.

We long for love, but realize it comes with the possibility of a heartbreak.

It is much easier to put love aside, and just enjoy the company of another.

So we seek pleasure instead.

 Pleasure, like a magnet, is what draws you in.

Once the attraction is mutual, a desire for love and all its promises flood your senses.

Soon, you are rapidly tumbling down, losing yourself to the desire to be loved.

All the warning signs that were meant to protect your heart, go unheeded.

As alarms go crazy in your brain, and your heart begins its rapid dance,

a voice in the wind teasingly whispers to you “You’re in trouble now.”

You blush as the blood rushes to your head and your sweat glands go into overdrive.

Your environment is suddenly more beautiful than it has ever been before.

You can’t stop smiling and laughing, and even a cloudy day, can’t break this spell.

The risk of a broken heart, no longer concerns you.

Because, you tell yourself “This is true love”.



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