I Hate – Hate

I try to be positive, I really do, but lately I find myself fighting the urge to hate.

This really bothers me because I want to spread a message of love, not hate.

It seems society is obsessed with anger and hate.

I wrestle with this because you see, what I hate, is hate.

I hate that people are harmed physically and psychologically by hate.

I hate that some people will hate you or me, because of the way we look, talk, our beliefs or where we come from.

I hate that people will turn their differences of opinion into a reason to hate one another.

I hate that innocent children are negatively influenced and often harmed by hateful comments and images in their daily life.

I hate the normalization and justification of hate in politics, the media and our culture.

I hate what hate represents, which is evil itself.

I dont want to hate, I would rather love and be loved.

So I will choose love.

I choose to love in the presence of hate.

I choose to love even when love seems impossible.

I will let our differences be reasons to love, and I will value you even when I dont feel valued.

I will smile when you insult me, for I know my worth.

Even as I write this I wonder if I can refrain from hate and anger.

The idea of spreading love is a great one, one that was started in biblical times, and yet here we are, still struggling with the concept.

I know it won’t be easy, but if I dont try then I am just another peddler of hate.

And I hate the idea of that.



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