The Daily Prompt – Escape Artist

The Daily Prompt – create” target=”_blank”>The Daily Promp I am an escape artist I escape from the chaos To the silence of my mind Where butterflies And angels rule I […]

His Name is Jesus

You may have heard of him, his name is Jesus.  He was not born in a palace, more like a modest shelter surrounded by farm animals.  And yet, three kings […]


Puncture“>Puncture Tears flowed freely from his eyes.  This was a first, as she had never seen him cry.  As blood gushed freely from the puncture wounds, she reached for him. […]

Contemplating Life

Taper” target=”_blank”>Taper She wondered why she was starting to lose hope. Always optimistic and lively, her light had burned bright. What had happened? How could her whole attitude change? She […]

Bitter Heart

You were so careful when you built the wall between us. You thought you were so smart.  Somehow, you kept my attention by lying to me and throwing scraps my […]

A Blemish

Give me something to cover my shame If only we could cover our mistakes as easily as we camouflage a blemish A little dab of mending cream to the areas of […]


The mind is an ocean a vast enigmatic arena where thought and wisdom collide Delve in too deep and you will drown in introspection Be submerged by your own idiosyncrasies […]


As clouds float by a breeze caresses  Sleepy leaves begin to dance The mountains refreshed by rain, glisten like jewels Birds are chattering with excitement  As the sun bursts through […]

Escape Artist

I am an escape artist I escape from the chaos To the silence of my mind  Where butterflies  And angels rule   I am free  The sorrows of world  Are […]

To Live Again

To live again and never cry To seek the good and not ask why To trust a stranger and close your eyes Believe in dreams and no goodbyes  To venture […]

Good night

Tomorrow is just A dream away The lonely stars  Drift into gray And moonlight smolders As fireflies dance A distant rumble Where raindrops prance I hear the echoes Of memories […]

Prayer for Financial help

Everyone has struggles from time to time and we need to be willing to work and live within our means. But do not ever feel that you cannot ask God for […]


chapter 2 Hello! he bellowed One sunny afternoon  He startled me so I began to swoon In one smooth move He caught my fall With branches so big They made […]


Chapter 1 I once met a talking tree As I walked by He said hello to me His voice was deep More like a Bellow And he swayed his limbs […]


A good woman  is hard to find A good woman is one  who knows her own mind She is not just  a pretty face This woman exudes  a simple timeless […]