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Category: My Paintings

A Blemish

Give me something to cover my shame If only we could cover our mistakes as easily as we camouflage a blemish A little dab of mending cream to the areas of […]

Escape Artist

I am an escape artist I escape from the chaos To the silence of my mind  Where butterflies  And angels rule   I am free  The sorrows of world  Are […]

Time for the dream

Laying back With a smile On my face I know the dream Is near My mind Overflows With images And my Heart dances With Anticipation Magnetized I am Drawn In […]

Heart Matters

Beating to a Beautiful Rhythm Propelling Life Throughout Blood and Oxygen Mix perfectly Nourishing And providing Wellness Disregarded By it’s Owner It is Unwittingly Sabotaged But It Wonderfully Beats Through […]

Blue Star

This acrylic was done for my son, who is in a band called Blue Star.