Bitter Heart

You were so careful when you built the wall between us. You thought you were so smart. 

Somehow, you kept my attention by lying to me and throwing scraps my way. Just when I thought you were letting me in, you’d slam the door in my face. 

Frustration and anger have built up in me now and I’ve become so bitter. I don’t like this person that’s evolved and yet, I can’t live without her.

Look at me now, blaming you when you are only partially to blame. It’s been a world of hurts that created me, though I’ve tried to stay the same. 

The levee has broke around this heart of mine and only bitterness courses through.

Photo taken by me at Warner Brothers Studio.


A Blemish

Give me something to cover my shame

If only we could cover our mistakes as easily as we camouflage a blemish

A little dab of mending cream to the areas of our lives that have been tainted by our foolishness

If only all of our offenses were just simple blemishes, easily repaired

Unfortunately, there are times when we inflict so much pain that we might compare it to a hollow necrotic wound that festers and rots until the bone is visible

Unlike a simple blemish these injuries cut deep and leave lifelong scars

Healing may take years

So proceed with thoughtfulness, taking care not to maim or destroy others

Let the only impact you leave behind be one of grace and gratitude


The mind is an ocean

a vast enigmatic arena where thought and wisdom collide

Delve in too deep and you will drown in introspection

Be submerged by your own idiosyncrasies

and inadvertently discover virtuous minions flourishing, celebrating and persisting

Brave are those who seek discernment and clarity

For wisdom like a rare jewel

dazzles and entices those who seek it

Meticulously knowledge is pursued from the depths of the subconscious sea

to the infinite undiscovered universe.



As clouds float by a breeze caresses 

Sleepy leaves begin to dance

The mountains refreshed by rain, glisten like jewels

Birds are chattering with excitement 

As the sun bursts through to greet the earth.

Escape Artist

I am an escape artist

I escape from the chaos

To the silence of my mind 

Where butterflies 

And angels rule  

I am free 

The sorrows of world 

Are far away 

Sunshine blinds

And rainbows appear

Without the rain

I create

Colorful images

Fill  my brain

And then my canvas

I am the master

Of my own design

Armed with my brush

I am an escape artist

My Art

To Live Again

To live again and never cry

To seek the good and not ask why

To trust a stranger and close your eyes

Believe in dreams and no goodbyes 

To venture out courageously 

To plant a seed and grow a tree

To surrender all so flawlessly 

And give your love unselfishly 

To be satisfied with what you’ve done 

And all the things you’ve overcome  

To stare painful memories in the face

And walk away with poise and grace

To die to self is not the end

Because to die to self

Is to live again



Good night

Tomorrow is just

A dream away

The lonely stars 

Drift into gray

And moonlight smolders

As fireflies dance

A distant rumble

Where raindrops prance

I hear the echoes

Of memories gone

As winds caress

The breaking dawn

The mind 

A sparrow

Taking flight

Mysterious journey 

Till morning 



Prayer for Financial help

Everyone has struggles from time to time and we need to be willing to work and live within our means. But do not ever feel that you cannot ask God for financial help. If your heart is in the right place, and you are willing to trust God, you will be blessed. It will not be a magical appearance of wealth, in fact, it will depend on the strength of your faith, patience and your willingness to work hard. Following Gods plan for you is key, and this can be achieved through prayer and scripture. 

I wrote this prayer when my children were young and we were struggling financially, and I continue to pray it today. Now, I am sharing it with you.

Lord Jesus your love is so great, so wonderful. You truly are an awesome God! I thank you for blessing my family so abundantly. Praise you Lord. Guide me and help me to manage my finances so that money worries do not overcome me.

I need only ask and you answer, speak your name and all is well. Amen. 



chapter 2
Hello! he bellowed
One sunny afternoon 
He startled me so
I began to swoon
In one smooth move
He caught my fall
With branches so big
They made me feel small
He gently set me on my feet
And with his branches 
formed a cozy little seat
It was then
I felt the earth shake
Oh no, I thought 
not an earth quake!
I heard a rumble
Start in his trunk
And out came laughter
Loud and full of spunk
He laughed so hard
The ground was shaking
The leaves he scattered
Would soon need raking
Now all this time 
I tried not to smile
But his infectious laughter
Took me to trial
Laughter I hadn’t heard 
for years
Was escaping my throat 
And filling my ears
And when the laughter
Had died down
Darkness had crept up 
all around 
Astonished, I jumped up 
And whispered kinda low
Look it’s gotten dark
and now  I must go!
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