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To Live Again

To live again and never cry

To seek the good and not ask why

To trust a stranger and close your eyes

Believe in dreams and no goodbyes 

To venture out courageously 

To plant a seed and grow a tree

To surrender all so flawlessly 

And give your love unselfishly 

To be satisfied with what you’ve done 

And all the things you’ve overcome  

To stare painful memories in the face

And walk away with poise and grace

To die to self is not the end

Because to die to self

Is to live again



Good night

Tomorrow is just

A dream away

The lonely stars 

Drift into gray

And moonlight smolders

As fireflies dance

A distant rumble

Where raindrops prance

I hear the echoes

Of memories gone

As winds caress

The breaking dawn

The mind 

A sparrow

Taking flight

Mysterious journey 

Till morning 



Prayer for Financial help

Everyone has struggles from time to time and we need to be willing to work and live within our means. But do not ever feel that you cannot ask God for financial help. If your heart is in the right place, and you are willing to trust God, you will be blessed. It will not be a magical appearance of wealth, in fact, it will depend on the strength of your faith, patience and your willingness to work hard. Following Gods plan for you is key, and this can be achieved through prayer and scripture. 

I wrote this prayer when my children were young and we were struggling financially, and I continue to pray it today. Now, I am sharing it with you.

Lord Jesus your love is so great, so wonderful. You truly are an awesome God! I thank you for blessing my family so abundantly. Praise you Lord. Guide me and help me to manage my finances so that money worries do not overcome me.

I need only ask and you answer, speak your name and all is well. Amen. 



chapter 2
Hello! he bellowed
One sunny afternoon 
He startled me so
I began to swoon
In one smooth move
He caught my fall
With branches so big
They made me feel small
He gently set me on my feet
And with his branches 
formed a cozy little seat
It was then
I felt the earth shake
Oh no, I thought 
not an earth quake!
I heard a rumble
Start in his trunk
And out came laughter
Loud and full of spunk
He laughed so hard
The ground was shaking
The leaves he scattered
Would soon need raking
Now all this time 
I tried not to smile
But his infectious laughter
Took me to trial
Laughter I hadn’t heard 
for years
Was escaping my throat 
And filling my ears
And when the laughter
Had died down
Darkness had crept up 
all around 
Astonished, I jumped up 
And whispered kinda low
Look it’s gotten dark
and now  I must go!


Chapter 1
I once met a talking tree
As I walked by
He said hello to me
His voice was deep
More like a Bellow
And he swayed his limbs
Like a curious fellow
I tried to look him in the eye
But I couldn’t jump that high
So I looked up and I gave a wave
And he looked down and
Bellowed again
When I turned to walk away
A child pointed to me, to say
That crazy woman’s talking to the tree
Me oh my, oh me, oh me!


A good woman 
is hard to find
A good woman is one 
who knows her own mind
She is not just 
a pretty face
This woman exudes 
a simple timeless grace
Her self reliance
Won’t be denied 
And her humble 
Will leave you 
She works hard each day 
with no regrets
And every challenge 
Is promptly met
With omnipotent eyes
She exposes your truth
As layers of lies 
Come falling uncouth 
Deliberately you try 
To not give a damn
But with caring eyes
She offers her hand
She loves to love 
With all her might
To make others happy
Brings her delight
She draws you in 
With her sincere smile 
And keeps your attention
Because that’s her style
She is not perfect 
she will admit
And she can fall to pieces 
bit by bit
She is a good woman
Most people will swear
But to her uninterested husband 
She is merely just fair


I am a butterfly

Extending my wings 


Each experience new
And exciting 
Various colors mingle
And fresh new scents
Capture my imagination 
And tantalize my senses
Fascinated by
interlaced threads
I’ve never seen before
I become distracted
Piercing pain
Freezes my body
And fear grips me
I can do nothing
As eight creepy legs
Grab hold of me
And I am spun 
In the same sticky 
Thread that initially
Caught my eye
The spider works 
Intensely, and 
Incarcerated me
In his web
What did I do
To this creature
That he should 
Take my freedom?
There was a time
I surrendered 
To building my
Own cocoon
Perhaps this is a 
New Beginning 
And I will emerge 
More magnificent 
Than ever 

I write

The Reality of Loss

The reality, sinks in
languidly, achingly

You feel stuck in quicksand

Slowly, inevitability
you are swallowed up
by pain, sorrow

Everything, everyone seems different
When people speak to you,
you struggle to comprehend.

Your mind, your heart
struggle to absorb the trauma
that struck you without warning

It damages you physically,
Personally, unapologetically

You try, but can’t
escape the nightmare
that’s taken over
your life

When loneliness sets in,
you aren’t able to reach out
You can’t meet the looks
of pity that follow you,
words, meant as whispers,
singe your ears

On rare occasions
when you feel comforted,
you find it’s never enough

How, you wonder,
will I ever survive this?

There is no set time
No magical cure
Loss is as hollow
as it sounds

More hurtful than one
might imagine,
a defect of this world,
an imposition on our happiness.

A jolt to our humanity,
it wills us to make uncomfortable,
unfamiliar changes

It forces us to face
what we’d rather
not face

Unfortunately without loss,
we’d never discern how much
we’ve gained

Nor appreciate how much
we have to lose

Perhaps, it’s the only way
we, as imperfect mortals
can fulfill our amazing, natural
spiritual being



When sadness
turns into a rage
And justice fails
To assuage
Madness isn’t
Far behind

As opinions clash
And actions
become rash
Loses meaning

The hate will seep
As innocents weep
And madness
Is created

When the line
Gets Crossed
And peace
is lost
The flames
will burn
Cars overturned
And Madness soon
takes over

Blood is spilled
More spirits killed
And the good become
The evil

The devil smiles
All the while
As madness
Spreads like
Wild fire

The heavens mourn
And angels scorn
As evil begets evil

A mothers cry
An anguished sigh
As madness rules
Over reason

No justice is
In riotous verve
And even
the dead
Will turn

There is
No reprieve
From the hatred
and grief
When madness
Rules our world

Please give me
Your hand
My hearts
On my sleeve
Your hurting
The innocent

This madness
Must stop
Afore more

Why can’t
We just


I am not a veteran.
My dad was a veteran, as well as several of my family members and friends. This is my way to pay tribute to veterans, albeit insufficient.


The innocence
of my youth
Long gone

For I have
Too much

Lost more
Than I can

You say
“Thank You
For your service
To this land of
The free”

And yet
My freedom
Is amiss

The painful
Hold me

My mind
Is not

Your words
Though well

Take me to
Another place
Another time

I am reminded
Of war
And loss

I am
By uncertainty

I fear
I am a
In this land
I call home

I have
In ways

I can

I am
Of my

And yet
There is
And pain

The scars
I bear
Run deep

Only my
Can understand

But they too
Long Gone

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