We all have burdens in our life,
Some have more than others,

We all have known a broken heart,
Some they have not healed,

We’ve all felt loneliness at one time,
Some of us, we feel it still,

Sometimes we suffer from despair,
It seems to take over our lives,
Thoughts of desperation,
Are never far behind,

But I have found a place to go,
when trouble times surround me,

A peaceful place where I can rest,
And let my worries leave me,

Jesus greets me at the door,
His arms, they are wide open,

And I as enter in his house,
His love and warmth enfold me,

Although, he does not speak a word,
His voice, it is resounding,

“Come rest your weary heart,
And give me all your sorrows,
I will refresh your soul,
And prepare you for tomorrow,”

When it is time for me to go,
And face the world we live in,
He offers me these final thoughts,
Which I truly believe in,

“My child, do not be afraid,
For I am always with you,
You need only speak my name,
And I will give you refuge”


I Do Not Walk Alone

I do not walk alone,
For God is at my side,

He helps me through the weeds of life,
My path, it is not wide,

At times the thorns do stab me,
And gently he eases my pain,

And when a storm surrounds me,
He protects me from the rain,

I do not walk alone,
Therefore, I have no fear,

I gladly meet the challenges,
For my faith will persevere,

I know my God is with me,
The reminders all around,

From the rise of the morning sun,
Until the day is done,

I do not walk alone,
God wouldn’t have it that way,

He is my strength and tower,
He molds me out of clay,

At times, I do resist him,
Just like a rebel child,

But lovingly, he pulls me back,
Into his arms so mild,

You do not walk alone my friend,
For God is guiding your way,

Let go of all your sorrows,
And let him fill your day,

He will not lead you down the wrong path,
But will carry you through the stones,

And when the end is near,
You will not be alone



Today is MERCY SUNDAY and God’ Mercy knows no bounds,

Darkness comes to steal
my light away,
I am lured by the emptiness of it all,
I start to dance to beat of
My body is not my own,
Deep into anguish and pain
I go,
I collide with hate and anger,
Drowning in self pity and disgust,
Where has my light gone?
Why didn’t I hold onto it?
I plunge further into the inferno,
Screaming in agony,
And writhing from
the scorching fire,
that licks my skin,
I must be bound for hell,
Then I hear a whisper,
So soft,
I almost thought I was dreaming,
It comes to me again,
I hear it clearly now,
No, I am not worthy,
I cry,
Shame fills me,
And my body convulses,
A memory fills my mind,
Innocence, love, laughter,
Long forgotten,
Awaken me now,
“Savior!” I cry out,
“Shine your light upon me,
For I have lost my way!”
Again I cry out,
“Forgive me”
I feel myself being lifted,
As out of the rubble,
Of a broken old building,
Slowly at first,
Then faster,
Light surrounds me,
And peace fills my senses,
I feel raindrops on my face,
And realize I am weeping
An angel is at my side,
And says,
“Come with me”

God’s Orchestra

Like a fine instrument,
Held in a esteemed musicians hand,
So must we be,
Fine tuned,
It is God’s command,

Our first attempts at harmony,
Will make us cry in shame,
But with God as our conductor,
We are headed straight for fame,

Each one of us,
An instrument,
Our tune individualized,
And when we follow God’s direction,
Fantastically, we harmonize,

One day my music will fall silent,
And the orchestra will play on,
While God, my loving conductor,
Will be playing me,
His song,

A Life is A Life

I am a little fetus,
As once you were too,
And If you don’t want me,
At least,
You have the right to choose,

For I do not have a voice,
My life depends on you,
And if you don’t want me,
Then there is nothing,
I can do,

Even though,
our lives are separate,
And you can continue on,
If you choose death for me,
Your heart will know it’s wrong,
And even though I forgive you,
Your mind will never rest,
Because you chose,
death for me,
You thought it might be best,

If only I’d been given,
A chance to make a choice,
I’d choose to live my life as well,
And to be treated with respect,

I’d want the world to know,
That we are all made worthy,
It does not matter the stage of life,
Nor the circumstance,
Which we are created,

A life is a life,
And a death is a death,

Truth is a Mirror

Truth is a mirror,
A vision of what we are,
If we are to be true to ourselves,
Then we must look inside our hearts,
We must listen to our soul,
If we are silent,
And our mind is clear,
The answers will come,
We must be patient,
We must trust ourselves,
We must trust in God,
For God is truth,
He speaks softly,
So silence your worries,
Turn down the volume of your anger,
Shut off the hate,
And listen,
Be aware of how your words,
And actions,
Affect others,
Remember that God dwells in them too,
Truth is a mirror,
Do you like what you see?

Blue Star

This acrylic was done for my son, who is in a band called Blue Star.


The Virgin De Guadelupe


I recently, did this painting for the parents of our God child Kaelyn.



There are times when my mind is filled with memories of yesterday,
I want to go back to the innocent times,

Before the tragedies and heartbreaks,
To a time when life was simple,
People were kinder,

I close my eyes and I can imagine myself there,
I feel the warm breeze and sunshine on my face,
I taste the sweetness of fresh air,
As I swing slowly in my childhood swing,
Back and forth,

I am the feather slowly floating in the air,
Calmly drifting, weightless, careless,
No longer a physical being,
I have become a spiritual entity,
No longer bound by the weight of the world,

I am a beautiful secret,
Silent and unknown,
Invisible to the world,
A whisper in the wind,
A mystery to be solved,

This is where I find peace and tranquility,
My temporary escape from the afflictions of the world,
A time to seek clarification and meaning,
A journey through time and understanding,
With new beginnings and no end,

My mind is clear as untouched glass,
The sounds of my surroundings,
Drowned out,
By the beating of my heart,
Each breath is a reminder of my existence,

I want to linger here forever,
Precious serenity enfolds me,
Warmth fills my soul,
Heaven must be near,
Much too soon, my conscious wakes me,

Slowly, reluctantly, I am drawn back,
Hesitating, I make my return journey,
Through peaceful memories, I pass,
Downward sliding,
Through the rapids of time,
Go I,

Back to the ravages of daily life,
My body shudders in an effort of resistance,

I arrive unscathed,
To the realities of life,
But I am at peace,
Ready to experience another day.


Tribute to Veterans and our Military


In honor of your bravery,
I proudly place my hand over my heart,

When asked to make a sacrifice,
You did so without hesitation,
I am forever in debt,

While I enjoyed my family,
Or an outing with my friends,
You stood watch for enemies,
And prayed for war to end,

Sleepless nights were plenty,
Most times without a bed,
And as I cursed the traffic,
Your friend lay near you dead,

I don’t know how to thank you,
For words aren’t near enough,
It seems we take you for granted,
Cause, We think our life is tough,

I hope you do forgive us,
For our narrow minded ways,
We have so much to be thankful for,
You deserve more, than all our praise,

I pray for you dear veterans,
The living and the dead,
May all GOD’s Blessings be upon you,
As you rest your weary head.



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