My footprints


You may not see my footprints,
For I’m no longer there,
I’m soaring with the angels,
And dancing in the air,

My body was a vessel,
Until my spirit was freed,
I heard GOD’s mighty voice say,
My children come to me,

And so I raised my hand,
To grasp his vibrant gown,
And as I left the earth,
I saw his golden crown,

I felt a blanket of peace,
And saw a Glorious light,
Then Love was all around me,
It was a beautiful sight,

I know you cannot see me,
You think that I am gone,
But with the grace of GOD,
A victory has been won,

For I am safe with Jesus,
His life he gave for me,
And I did gladly meet him,
Someday you too will see,

For now you must keep moving,
The sadness will subside,
Each day fulfill your purpose,
I’m watching you with pride,

Do not hold onto grudges
Let forgiveness rule the day,
Bring happiness to others,
And take the time to pray,

For GOD someday will call you,
To join us here at home,
You’ll get to meet the angels,
And see GOD’s golden throne,

And when I see you coming,
I will not hesitate,
To welcome you to heaven,
And hold open the pearly gates.



The Superstitions of Arizona



The Sun painting the mountains Gold.



I am thankful for the failures,
That brought me to my knees,
And led me to pray,

Prayer, that led me to God,
And God, gave me courage,

That courage led me to try something new,
Which gave me confidence,

Confidence, showed me that I can succeed,
And success has taught me,
To appreciate my failures


This Photo was taken of a chapel in Sedona Arizona.



Foolish is the liar who believes he does no harm,
Cutting through trust like an ax through a charm,

He’ll say omission is not a crime,
I’ll tell you the truth in my own time!

Foolish is the liar, who digs himself a hole,
He goes deeper and darker losing his very soul,

So Beware the liar and the poison he spews,
A coward is he, with everything to lose,


Jesus on the Cross


We Are Not Born Strong

We are not born strong, we gain strength through our trials, faith through our failures, trust by loving.

Love yourself enough to allow the tears to the flow, trust yourself enough to keep living and have faith that things will get better, for the strength you gain will lift another up someday.
Love hugs to you.


The Superstition Mountains in Arizona.


These magnificent mountains have intrigued many with the promise of Lost Gold. Many have lost their lives trying to find it.

Depending on the sunset, the mountains can change colors. This photo has not been retouched or changed.

Self Doubt

Even a cactus full of thorns, growing wild in the desert, with no person to care for it blooms with beauty.
And yet, we allow our own self doubts to prevent our own personal growth, hindering our ability to bloom.


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